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Wheelchairs are used by people who should not put weight on their lower limbs or who are unable to walk. They can be more suitable than walkers for people with severe disa- bilities or when travel over greater distances is required.

Wheelchairs can be manually propelled by the user, pushed by someone else, or electrically powered.

N.B. The type of a wheelchair to use depends on the area of disability.For example persons with cerebral palsy and am- putees use two different types of wheelchairs.

Examples of specialized types of wheelchairs include stand- ing wheelchairs, where users are supported in an almost up- right position, and sports wheelchairs, which have been de- veloped for use during specific sports.

Product features

  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Detachable armrest
  • Detachable legrest
  • 8″ PVC front castor
  • 24″ solid spoke whee
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