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Lithium Battery Or Lead-acid Battery Can Be Used)

1. Economic Electric wheelchair with very stable quality
2. Easy folding electric wheelchair, quick detachable battery box
3. Customized color of chair frame and seats is accepted.
4. Seat width is optional.
5. Battery is optional. (12AH, 20AH lead-acid battery & 20AH lithlum battery)
6. Steel / Aluminum frame is available.
7. With or without electromagentic brake.
8. A good choice for people who need a power wheelchair with limited budget.
9. Fast delivery.



Overall width 63.5cm
Overall Length 111cm
Seat Deepth 43.5cm
Seat width 45cm
Real wheel dia. 18″
Front wheel dia. 10″
Seat height 52.5cm
Overall height 96.5cm
Endurance 15-20 km
Speed 1~6 km/h
Battery 24V 12/20AH
Motor 250W Motor
Crossing ability 4
Gadient 12°
Loading capacity 100kg
Measurment 88*44*82cm
NW(kg) 49
GW(kg) 56
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